Sunday, September 28, 2008

Jace's Rough Week

My poor little dude. I posted last week about his scratch, well on Thursday night he added another injury to his sweet little face. He was climbing up on a bar stool and slipped off of the bottom rung and the top of the stool flipped back and hit him in the middle of his forehead. He immediately had a huge bruise and a rather large hematoma on his forehead. And to top it off, he had preschool pictures the next day! What a great way to document his injuries. His scratch is healing so well and the big lump has gone down. Now the bruising is just spreading and he has a small black eye.


Okay. So I had a proud "me" moment on Saturday. I changed my very first flat tire! I slept over at my mom and dad's house Friday night so that I could go to the gym early Saturday morning with my friend. Well, when I went out to the car, I had a flat tire. I took my mom's car to the gym instead and then came home and then got down and dirty. I would like to say that I did it 100% on my own, but I can't. My dad had to step in and loosen the lugnuts for me. But....I did do everything else ON MY OWN! I had my camera with me and so I told my mom to take a picture so I could document it. Big moment in my life. Now I'm not scared at the thought of having to fix a flat on my own if I'm stuck somewhere by myself. HOLLA!!

And here's a little shout out to my little brother, Dallin, and his wife, Joslyn, who had their first baby on Friday. They had a little boy named Jaiden Randall Turner. He was 6 lbs 14 oz. and 19 in. long. Very cute. He has blonde fuzzy hair that is oh so cute. He really is adorable and I'm just so excited to have another baby in the family. Oh how it makes me baby hungry. Congrats guys, and I love you! Holla!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Evolution of Scripture Characters

As most of you probably know, Jace has called himself Nephi in the past.

He has been watching the Living Scriptures version of Ammon and the Lamanites quite a bit latetly. The other day Jace found my headbands again and this time he told me that he was Nephi and Cole was Ammon.

Well...tonight Jace has become a Lamanite. He was scratched by his cousin (who shall remain nameless) and received quite the wound. In an effort to forget about the pain and the trauma of it, I told him he looked like a Lamanite on the Ammon movie. He then told me he wasn't a Lamanite, he was King Lamoni! (On the Living Scriptures movie all of the Lamanites and the King wear "war paint" on the faces.) So here's to our new scripture character, King Lamoni.

Finger Paintin' Fun

Yesterday I babysat my nieces and nephew while their parents went to the BYU football game. We had a great time and I took some finger paints to do a fun little activity to pass some time. The kids loved it, but more than painting pictures they loved painting their hands and arms. Crew painted his hands AND arms and said that he was Incredible Hulk. I have some pretty darn cute nieces and nephews.

Fun Activities

This post really is for me. I just wanted to post pictures of some of the fun things we've done lately - even though they are over a week (or two) old. The reason being, I often feel or get in the mind set that we don't get out there and do a lot of fun things - when really we do. I think it's just forgetfulness on my part and also when I see and hear of things that other people do, I'm always like, "Why don't we ever do anything like that?" In reality, we do. So here it is to serve as a personal reminder when I get in my little funks of boredom and nothingness.

We went to the state fair with Bryan's family. Oh what fun and Oh, what a rip off! I couldn't believe that cost of rides and other attractions. Thanks Pam and Gene for spoiling us; we had a great time!

Then, later that week we went to Provo for a tailgate party. All of Bryan's family and my family have season tickets. We have done this in the past and it is so much fun. We meet there and throw on some hot dogs and brauts and cook it up. This time I wasn't going to the game but Bryan was and so I took the boys down and we had the tailgate party with everyone else and then the plan was to go home. Well, Jace ended up getting someone's extra ticket and he went and sat with his Mimi and Papa and even got to shake Cosmo's hand. So, since it was just Cole and I, we went shopping and ran all over creation. (It's amazing how much easier it is to shop with one child versus two!) We had a great time socializing, eating, and throwing the football around. (Once again Jace refused to have his picture taken, thus the reason why the are no pictures of him.)

Interpretation of a Three Year Old

I just wanted to jot down this little story of Jace's today, but it was too long to go under his quote of the week, so here it is instead.

Today Bryan and I had to go and meet with the Bishop before church where we were given a new calling, and the boys tagged along with us. We sat in his office talking with the Bishop for a while going over our new calling and upcoming events that we will need to plan. At the end of the meeting the Bishop asked, "Are you ready to get to work?" Jace then decided that he wanted to add his two cents and said, "I don't work." Jace then told the Bishop that his dad goes to work. The Bishop then said, "Dad works so he can bring home the bacon." Jace was quick to correct him, "No, he brings home beef jerkey." Bryan will bring home treats to each of us from work, and Jace's special treat that Bryan brings him is beef jerkey.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Can You Say......DISGUSTING!!!

I can not believe the disgusting things I have found around my house lately. Let's just say I've been having the heebie jeebies a lot lately. This morning (of course it had to be after Bryan left for work) I walked into Cole's room and saw this climbing on the outside of his window:

Yes, Yes. It's a TARANTULA!! Disgusting, disgusting, disgusting!! Where am I living, the Middle East? Lizards, scorpions, beetles, and now tarantulas!! I can't take this. Now I can totally sympathize with Marissa when she used to call me and tell me that all of these nasty things were crawling around and in her house. And...the other day I found this nasty thing out in our front yard:
This thing is called a Jerusalem cricket. Again, DISGUSTING!! Another thing - we had a lizard in our basement and Bryan (aka my knight in shining armor) caught it and threw it in a jar and then took it outside. Did you know that lizards' tails fall off when they are in danger or are being caught? Yeah - the lizard in our basement lost his tail in our jar. It totally makes sense - but I didn't know that. I guess I've never been around lizards enough to know, until NOW! Again, DISGUSTING!! Maybe living in Eagle Mnt. is going to take some more getting use to than I thought. GROSS.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What to Feed My Kids?

I'm fresh out of ideas in the whole "feeding my children" department, and so I've come to you for some help. There's no better place to ask for help than the blogging world, right? I am having a hard time coming up with things to feed my boys for lunch that are healthy and allow them to get a lot of their nutritional value for the day. I am trying to find things that I can feed them that fill their tummies, keep them happy, give them the nutrients they need, and VARIETY. I guess one of my main areas of distress is coming up with ideas for "sides." We do the standard sandwich, meat, main portion bit, but I don't know what else to give them. I do give them fruit, veggies, cheese, sometimes pretzels or crackers with it, but I need something fresh. I also could use some ideas on healthy snacks. For snacks we'll do pretzels, granola bars, fruit, trail mix, cheese, crackers, dried fruit, etc.; but I could use some more ideas if you have any. I have found some on-line but they are time consuming and I don't want to feel like I'm making 4-5 meals a day! Also, if any of you have any really yummy and easy breakfast ideas and recipes, would you please let me know. We do a lot of pancakes, oatmeal, and french toast, and yogurt; but my kids like to eat FIRST thing in the morning so something quick and yummy would be great. If you have any ideas, websites, blogs, you could direct me to, it would be much appreciated. And just think - this just might very well help you with feeding your family! Even if you're a perfect stranger and happen along this post, I would love the help!! Thanks to all in advance.

Monday, September 8, 2008

First Day of Preschool

Jace started preschool last Friday. I really didn't even think about putting him in preschool until people started asking me if he was going to go. I guess with the first child you just don't realize that it's time for that type of thing. So I wanted to put him in, but the timing just was off with the whole move. So when we moved, I kept my ears open and I found a lady in my ward that runs a great preschool out of her home. He only goes on Fridays which is great because he is going to have two years of preschool and I think for the first year, one day a week will be perfect. I wanted to get a picture of him before school so that I would have the visual memory of my first child's first day of school. Well, not so much. Jace absolutely REFUSED to have his picture taken. I didn't want to push it before school and cause a meltdown, so I thought I would be able to get one at school. Again, not so much. He would yell at me, "NO!! I don't want my picture taken!!" He told me that he only likes his picture taken on Halloween. Yeah, okay!? So, here is my oldest child's first day of preschool. Hey, I tried.