Monday, November 22, 2010

Silly Lily

Oh, Miss Lily. So full of life and energy. When I was a little girl my uncle gave me the nickname of "Spitfire" because I could have quite the feisty attitude. Well, I think I've passed that down to Lily. She is so full of life and laughter and all out craziness. She loves to laugh and play with her brothers. She whines and begs to be picked up and as soon as you have her she squirms to be put down, and so you put her down and she whines and begs and the cycle goes on and on.

A lot of the ladies at church get a good kick out of her because of her craziness. She loves to turn around on the bench and laugh an talk to the people behind her. She lets out some really loud squeals and yells and she is ALL over the place and I can NEVER get her to sit still. I've devised a plan where we go to sacrament, during Sunday school we stay in the hall the entire time and I let her run off some energy so that that way I can got to Relief Society and get most of the lesson in.

She loves to wag her little finger around and say "stop it." She has even started to sass back in her own little language and I get quite the kick out of it. She also has the most loving side to her. She says "hiiiiiii" in the softest, sweetest, girliest voice ever. It's my absolute favorite thing she says. She also LOVES to give hugs to anyone close to her size and in her proximity. She will crawl up to little kids at church and lean her head on them and try to give them so many loves.

She has 12 teeth and they are so cute and goofy and I love her smile. And if she's being particularly silly she does this face where she smiles and scrunches up her eyes and she looks like Chunck from Goonies.

She has her moments when she can be quite the handful but at other times she is the complete opposite and so easy going, can roam and play and keep herself entertained for hours. Yesterday I went to the bathroom and came out to find this:

Lily covered in peach yogurt and "Mmmmm - Mmmmmming."

Oh Miss Beans, what would we ever do without you? You are crazy and wild, sweet and cuddly, sassy and silly, and we all sure love you!


Jace lost his first tooth on November 11. (I know, I'm so on top of things.) It was discovered several weeks ago that he had a loose tooth, but behind that tooth he already had his permanent tooth growing in, and quite a bit.

So we spent the next few weeks wiggling the tooth and we even tried to pull it, but it wouldn't come. So we went to the dentist worried about over-crowding. Sure enough, the dentist decided to pull it. Jace was lucky enought to have banana flavored laughing gas and they numbed him up, gave him a shot, and pulled the tooth. Thank goodness the dentist and hygenists were awesome and they never mentioned the shot and just told him he was going to get some "sleepy medicine" for his lips and teeth. They popped it out and he was able to take home his first lost tooth in an envelope!

The Tooth Fairy came and left him two dollars, and you would have thought he won the lottery! That Tooth Fairy stuff is hard to remeber to take care of. Thank goodness Lily woke up at 3:45 am or else the Tooth Fairy would have forgot and Jace would have been devestated.

So here's the proud boy with his not-so-much gaping hole.
(He's going to hate me in future years for this picture. :) )

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Halloween 2010

The great debate was on this year to as what the kids were going to be. It was that constant changing of their minds as to what they wanted to be. So we sat them down a few weeks before Halloween and MADE them decide.

They decided on Batman and Robin. Jace took the high road and let Cole choose which one he was going to be. Usually, since Jace is older, he would naturally be Batman. However, Cole chose Batman and Jace was just as excited to be Robin. So then of course Lily had to be Cat Woman/ black cat.

And when we go with a theme, we really go with a theme.

We bought Cole's costume and I made Jace's. Lily's was pretty simple to put together, and really I only had to buy the ears. They had so much fun being Batman and Robin! Jace loved his costume, and when he put it on he said, "Mom, I think I look pretty darn awesome."

We did the trunk-or-treat at our ward Saturday night and it started pouring on us. We got home and the boys were soaked and they decided that they didn't want to go out for any more trick-or-treating; so they got in their jammies and stayed home. I love how easy they are! (And so does their dad because that meant he didn't have to go out either.)

Having Halloween on a Sunday was not so fun. Dressing them up for school on Friday, trick-or-treating on Saturday, and a family party on Sunday did me in. Keeping track of all the little pieces of their costumes was annoying and I ended up having to make two masks for Jace because we lost one. Oh, the things you do for your kids.

They had a blast being Batman and Robin, and now they are so excited and are planning their costumes of Harry Potter, Ron, and Hermione for next year.