Thursday, October 30, 2008

Flu Shot, Anyone?

Today I took Cole to his 18 month check up. He's very tall and very healthy. While we were there they offered to give the boys flu shots. I knew it would be no problem for Cole, but Jace on the other hand would be a different story. I told the nurse I would think about giving Jace one because I wasn't sure if I wanted the drama in the doctor's office. I mentioned it to Jace before the doctor even came in to see Cole and .... he melted down. Over and over he told me he didn't want one. Now I know there are just some things in life that cause pain to your children but you have to do it for the greater good. I made up my mind. He was gettting that flu shot.

After Cole's check up the nurse came in and gave Cole his shot. He whimpered. Over. Done. Not a big deal. Jace was next. I told the nurse she might want some help. I picked up Jace and he started screaming, crying, and yelling at me telling me he didn't want it. He locked his legs around my waist and I was doing everything I could to pry his legs off and get his pants down to expose his thigh. It wasn't working. The doctor peeked his head in and asked if we needed "reinforcement." Indeed we did. So a second nurse came in and she pinned his legs over the end of the exam table, I pinned his arms and upper body down, the other nurse pulled his pants down and poked him with that mean needle. Bloody Murder ensued.

The nurses left and I was left with the aftermath. I heard lots of various complaints and screaming and crying. I had to laugh to myself because when we're in the doctor's office you can always hear the new babies crying after they get their shots, and I think, "The poor things." But this time everyone was hearing my very determined and upset 3 year old telling me how much the needle hurt and how much he didn't like doctors.

As we were leaving the exam room, (still crying and hollering) the doctor and nurses were sitting just outside the door and Jace so delicately informed them as he left, "I don't like doctors anymore, AT ALL!" They had a good chuckle. As did I.
I'm sorry, Jace. I still do love you (even though I made you get pricked by that mean needle). After all, it was for the greater good.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Pumpkin Pickin' Fun

Yesterday we spent the day with Mimi, and whenever we do that we always end up having a great time.

First things first: the boys & their turtle shells. As soon as we walk in the door they have to put on their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle shells. And yes, they are bike helmets with their "swords" stuck in the back of them. The creativity of a three year old and the 'must do what my older brother is doing' of a 1 year old.

We started off the afternoon with canning DELICIOUS homemade applesauce. Seriously, SO good. It's always fun being self-sufficient and Martha Stewart-esque.

After some short naps we were off to the Punkin' Patch with Aunt Joss, Baby Jaiden, and Mimi. What is there not to love of a field covered in brilliant orange pumpkins.

Cole loved riding in the wheelbarrow.

Jace loved picking Baby Jaiden's pumpkin. I think Jaiden had a total of about 5 or 6 by the end.

Mimi got a good workout pushing the wheelbarrow of pumpkins and boys, I had fun taking pictures, and Joss had a great time find the 'perfect' pumpkin. No, seriously, she looked for THE perfect one. You could just see her artistic mind at work.

I love October.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Day of Errands and a New Mission

Yesterday was a day of running errands. Squeezing them in between nap times and lunch is always a trick.

That's why I tried to improvise and do a pre-lunch in the car before they possibly fall asleep.

And I found these little humdingers of a deal.

I have a new mission..... NO more plastic bags!! I know how bad they are for the environment, I don't have a recycling garbage can here in Eagle Mtn., and I have a growing mountain of them in my garage. So goodbye plastic bags and hello reusables. You can't do much better the $1 per bag at good 'ol WalMart.

Home from Disneyland

We had the awesome privilege to go to Disneyland last week and we got to take along some fun folks. My parents and Bryan's parents came with us and what a time we had! I can't even begin to describe how excited Jace was to go. And Bryan...I think he was more excited than Jace. With the parks decorated for Halloween, it adds a little something to the experience.

(Of course this happens to be the only FAMILY picture we get and Jace refuses to look at the camera!)

We ate lots of great food with a couple of stops to Baskin Robbins (per Papa Gene's request).

We're glad we took Papa Randy along. Being handicapped has its advantages. No lines. (And its disadvantages. But that's a whole other post.)

Grandma Pam was there to ride with Jace on all of the big rides (40 inchers) so that he could snuggle up against her bosom.
Thank goodness Mimi was there to keep the boys entertained and happy with M&M's (a secret weapon.)

Oh, and the 88 degree weather was also a plus. It made for a pleasant time shell searching, castle building, and burying Jace at the beach.

Thank you Mimi and Papa, Grandma Pam and Papa Gene for making it a wonderful trip with lots of memories! (Dad, you especially made it memorable. We'll never forget Space Mountain, the forgotten medicine, the ruined luggage, the ER visit,.....)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pretty Boy

I always knew Cole was handsome. But he has found a new love today and has truly become a pretty boy.

And then he became my screaming, tantrum boy.

Pre-Dinner Entertainment

Last night while I was making dinner, it was very quiet. I knew the boys were up to something, but I didn't care. I knew they were having fun and I was getting dinner made without any interuptions. Jace then came up to me and said, "Mo-om, I have a SURPRISE for you!" I said to him, "I think I know what it is! Is it a huge mess?" Then jumping up and down and smiling ever so big he yelled, "YEP!!" I truly loved seeing what he was so excited to show me.