Saturday, November 29, 2008

WANTED: A Bubble and A Disappearing Act

Yes, I'm looking for a bubble, preferably in the 2T size. Anyone, anyone? Hmmm, no one knows where I can buy a bubble to put my 18 month old in? Well, I desperately need one. We thought Cole had a FAT lip last week.

Shoot, we hadn't seen nothin. He fell again and this time he bit through his lip and into the skin. However, it didn't cause a gaping hole, so we didn't have to go get stitches. Almost, ALMOST. He actually had an instant bruise below his lip and it was slightly bleeding on the skin. I know, hard to explain, but it did go through to the skin this time.

His lip is GINORMOUS!! Poor child. I really could use a bubble. I don't think he's going to have any lips left by the time he turns 3. No, wait... make that 2.

As for the disappearing act... Anyone know how to make these beauties disappear?

We went shopping last night to the mall and joined up with Grandma Pam. We were at Mervyn's checking out all of the awesome 50-70% off deals, and Jace wanted to try on some light-up Transformer shoes. I let him with him knowing that I wasn't buying them for him. I REFUSE to buy character light up shoes. In my opinion, so impractical, and not cute. (No offense to anyone who likes them for their kids.)

So he tried them and and showed his Grandma Pam. "Do you like those?" she asked him. Of course he likes them, they're Transformer shoes!! "I'll buy them for you," she then tells him. WHAT??!! No way. I told her over and over not to buy them for him, I hate those shoes. Bryan then discovers what's happening and tells her the same thing. "But I told him I would buy them," she replies. A Grandma can't go back on her word.

Are you kidding me? Now there will be a fight with my child about what shoes to wear every time he has to put some on. And the best part... while standing in line to pay for these beauties she tells Bryan, "I refused to buy those type of shoes for you boys when you were little." I guess your own kids can't look like dorks, but it's okay for your grandkids to?

Just kidding, Pam. I love you and the fact that you want to spoil my kids. But next time, try not to spoil them with character shoes.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Poor, Genetically Challenged Child

I shouldn't have spotlighted Cole earlier this week. It cursed him. I said he wasn't getting enough face time; well, he has found a way to make it on....all by himself.

Monday night Cole was plowed into by his older brother out on the driveway. For sure we thought he would need stitches in his lip. It was gashed wide open and peeled back. We rushed over to Urgent Care, but luckily no stitches were needed. Just a big ol' fat, nasty bloody lip.

Today, while he was at his grandma's he fell down her front steps and broke his right wrist. He apparently thought he was big enough to walk down them. I've been given so much grief for my childrens' previous injuries and broken bones, but this time I wasn't there.

Cole was born with the Turner genes: the soft-boned, clumsy, awkward Turner walk/run, accident prone genes. Luckily those genes bypassed me, but unfortunately carried on to Cole. (You would think he was Rissa's kid!) It's great being a Turner; however, those genes are somethin' else.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Berry Naked

At times I feel like I only post about Jace. Let's be honest, it is most of the time, but it's because that kid is just too darn hilarious for his own good.

I love my boys equally, of course I do. So to prove it, here is some blog time for Cole. I just couldn't go without posting these stinkin cute pictures of him.

Berry smoothies for breakfast = very yummy & very messy

I allowed him to have some naked time the other day after his bath. I usually don't because he immediately marks his territory. I believe he was enjoying his freedom and his cowboy hat.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Hahhh-ahh, Hahhh-ahhh....

"Must come to the DARK side. Hahhh-ahhh, Hahhh-ahh."

(There's just a little too much Star Wars on the brain, if you ask me. If you can tell, he even has his Star Wars shirt on - two days in a row.)
Boys intrigue me.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Future Missionary

Tonight for FHE we had a lesson on missionaries. I got the cute lesson and activity ideas here. We talked about what a missionary is and does, and that Jace can be one someday when he turns 19. After the lesson we did an activity to allow Jace to practice being one.

Cole and I went into a bedroom and waited for the "missionaries" to knock on the door. They knocked, I opened it.

Bryan started the conversation: "Hi, we're missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and this is my companion. He would like to ask you something."

Jace asked, "Can we share a message with you about Heavenly Father?"

I cried. They came into the room, Jace opened his BOM Reader and searched for a story of Jesus to share with me.

I am proud to be the mother of this future missionary.

Dirt, Sweat, Work, and Green

There has been a reason why all of the Halloween pictures and events have been delayed. It's called installing a yard and cleaning up from installing a yard. Last week, every day of the week, we were out working on our yard getting it ready for sod. Shoveling dirt, raking dirt, hauling dirt, installing sprinklers, shoveling dirt, raking dirt, and hauling dirt. Did I mention there was a lot of DIRT.

Every night we were covered head to foot in it. Cole ate dirt. Jace threw dirt. The boys had a blast. I wish I had pictures of how completely filthy they were each and every day. The loads of laundry, the brown-stained socks, the dirt filled tubs, the dust-bowl of a house is evidence of our hard work. And then...

Friday, Halloween, we finally got it! Sod. One could never know how beautiful grass could be.

Isn't it beautiful?! We are LOVING our yard. The pictures can't even do it justice. I can't wait for Spring to come to fill all of those flowerbeds with wonderful flowers, plants, and even a garden. For now I think (hope) that my house will be clean for more than a few hours.
And....a BIG thank you to Dallin for all of the hours you spent helping us install our sprinklers in the snow, rain, and sleet and some sun. And to Joslyn for allowing Dallin to help us all of those hours when you had a newborn baby to take care of. Blake and Chad, thank you for your help. Thank you Travis for driving cross-country to pick up our new tree. And thank you Mike for helping us with the sod. Thank you, thank you.

Yoda, I Am

Halloween week was full of fun events. We started the week off at my mom and dad's carving pumpkins and decorating cupcakes.

The cupcake decorating started off well, until Bryan got bored and started decorating the boys.

I carved Yoda for Jace. Bryan carved Buzz Lightyear for Cole.

Thursday we got together at the Ericksons and had chili and scones and let the kids show off their costumes.

Friday Jace got to dress up for pre-school . Bryan got dressed up for work. What a cute Leatherhead.

Jace is on a Star Wars kick right now and so he decided to be Yoda. When someone asked Jace what he was for Halloween, he would tell them, "Yoda, I am."

Of course Cole had to be a Star Wars character too. He was Darth Vader. When you ask him what Darth Vader says, he opens his mouth big and wide and breathes heavy, "Hah-ahhh, hah-ahhhh."

They were adorable.

The boys (Dad included) had a great time trick-or-treating in the rain with Jace's little buddy, Rusty. And like Jace told him as they were headed home for the night, "Let's do it again next year, Rusty!" Yes, lets.

I had to add this last picture - Jace took it.