Friday, February 27, 2009

I Can't Get Enough of This Guy....

I know I don't talk about and show off my husband enough on our blog.

So as I sit here tonight while Bryan is away at scout camp, I ran across some pictures of him that made me smile, chuckle even.

And I thought I would share them.

Enjoy Bryan at our WARD 80's party a couple of weeks ago.

Bry, you're one sexy man...

and I love you!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Fantastically Four

Jace turned four on Feb. 18. and you know what that means.....

According to Jace:

Four year olds

don't throw fits,

they eat their dinner all gone,

and they still take naps!
(time will tell...)

Remember that awesome bright green Hot Wheels bike that Santa had to ditch a couple weeks before Christmas? Well, it made its comeback, and what a hit it was! Both boys had to be pushed around and around and around the kitchen on it.

Jace chose waffles instead of pancakes for his traditional birthday breakfast.

His activity of choice for his birthday was to go sledding. His cousin and best buddy, Crew, came along with Grandma Pam and we went sledding down the icy hill and wrestled on the frozen tundra.

After naptime we met up with Dad, Grandma Pam, Elle and Crew at Jungle Jim's. If you want cheap, ghetto entertainment, that your children will absolutely LOVE, take them there. Just make sure you steam clean and disinfect them after.

We finished the evening with Jace's choice of dinner at Chili's. He loves the chips and salsa - just like his dad.

And of course we had to celebrate with an Optimus Prime cake.

The days and weeks leading up to his birthday he would ask, "Mom, are people going to call and sing 'happy birthday' to me on my birthday?" So thank you to everyone who called an wished him a Happy Birthday and sang to him. It just made his day that much more fantastic!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Womanly Goodness

I like being a woman, a girl, a lady...if you will. I can't name the reasons right now, but I do like it. I like it except for those nasty little things called hormones that creep up on you every so often.

Hormones. They can do wonders to you.

How do you explain that to your children and spouse? (Forget the spouse - he can figure it out on his own.) But the little ones?

"Sorry boys, the hormones made me do it. They're the reason why I snapped at you for no reason at all. Even though you are being so good today, I can find the tiniest of things to set me off. It's the hormones."

Maybe one day they'll understand.

Oh wait, no they won't. They're boys.

Monday, February 2, 2009


Here's a little shout out to my brother, Travis. He wanted me to post about our sledding adventures that we had a few weeks ago, which were a lot of fun. Right at the entrance of our neighborhood we have MAJOR hills that get a lot of sledding out of them. My parents, Travis, and Dallin came out and we had an awesome time!

Dal, thanks for coming from such a long distance for such a small amount of time. We loved having you.

Travis, thanks for braving the cold and sacrificing getting hives all over your body for some family fun.

Bryan, thanks for breaking the antique sled that has been in our family for 50 years.

Mom, thanks for providing entertainment as we watched you TRY to sled down the hill at
0.2 mph.

Cole, thanks for being cute.

Jace, thanks for providing some good laughs as you screamed and cried and told everyone how mad you were at them for making you go down the hill by yourself.

And Dad, thanks for being a great spectator and refueling us (well, some of us) with chocolate.