Thursday, June 26, 2008

Blogging Tip

Okay. So I have a little blogging tip for all of you out there. This may be new news and it may be old for some of you. My friend told me about Google Reader and how it lets you know when your friends have posted something new on their blog. It shows that there is a new post intsead of having to click on every single link and then click back to your home page and go to the next blog, etc. etc. It just saves time. So, if you go to you can sign up for FREE and enter in your blog links and it will tell you which of your favorite blogs has a new post. It's awesome! I was CONSTANTLY checking everyone's blog to see what's new and now I don't have to. This is just easy and fast. So give it a try, I dare ya!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Summer Fun

I have forgotten to take my camera with me the last couple of days to show what fun we've had. Yesterday Cole and I went swimming with our friends Alaina, Evan, and Preston. Jace was busy having fun with his cousins at Grandma Pam's. We had a great time and it is so nice to swim at someone's house and not have to deal with the crowds and so many other kids in the pool. Cole gave me more proof at the pool that he has absolutely no fear and is going to kill me from a heart attack before he turns two. We started cleaning up to go home and Cole was out walking around and was standing by Alaina and I was still in the pool. All of a sudden there was a big splash and Alaina screamed Cole's name and then all of a sudden she was in the pool too; and this was all before I could even turn around. Yeah, Cole just decided to walk right off the edge straight into the pool. When I turned around he was floating face down! Talk about a heart attack!! He truly is either going to kill himself or me. His accidents are getting worse too since he is walking full time. He's also walked off of our stairs. I guess I'll just have to do what I can to keep him as safe as possible - which I don't know if there is much I can do.
Today the boys and I went to the South Jordan parade with my parents, Dallin, and aunts. The boys loved it and of course Jace came home with a bag full of candy. Jace and Cole also got to ride in the parade for a little while. We had a friend riding in a wagon pulled by Clydedale horses and when they stopped right in front of us she said "give them here." So we handed the boys up onto the wagon and off they went for the rest of the parade (which wasn't very far). They thought that was awesome! My mom got some pictures of them so hopefully I can get those soon and post them. I just have to say that I love summer time and all of the fun activities that come with it. It makes it even more fun when the kids can get into it and really enjoy things.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Seriously, What Are the Odds?

I just realized that Jace and Cole both broke a bone on the exact same day just a year apart - June 11. Jace broke his leg last year, and of course, Cole broke his collarbone a few days ago. I know one thing's for year on June 11 both of my children will be wrapped in bubble wrap and confined to their beds! Seriously, the EXACT same day?!! (I don NOT beat my children, I promise.)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

This Kid is a Machine!!!

Our poor Cole. We found out today that Cole has a broken collarbone. On Wednesday, June 11, he fell off of his Mickey airplane and hurt himself. He was a little upset but I thought it was a combination of the fall, his teeth, and him being tired. Later that afternoon I took him to our pediatrician because he wouldn't put any pressure on his right arm, and after having Jace break his leg last summer I knew it would be best to have him checked out right away. So we went in and after two different doctor appointments and some x-rays we thought everything was okay. They checked out his right elbow and shoulder but nothing appeared to be wrong. So we went home and for the next few days he would baby his arm a little bit and whine some but he was back to crawling and doing everything else. Well, this afternoon as I was bathing the boys I notice that the area around Cole's collarbone was bruised, swollen, and tender. So Bryan and I decided that we needed to take him in. All along we kept thinking that he was still hurt; but since the x-rays were negative we thought he was just sprained and sore. I took him in this afternoon and lo and behold Cole has a broken collarbone on the LEFT side!!! The poor kid - he's been crawling around, picked up and down by his armpits for the past 5 days, and all with a broken bone! How could Bryan and I be so clueless (and the doctors)? Seriously, 5 days later?!! The doctor today said that I need to try and limit him and his falling on it. Yeah right! Obviously he doesn't know my Cole, the energizer bunny. Cole is not in a sling or anything because the doctor said it would be for comfort purposes only and also because there would be no point since Cole wouldn't leave it on. SO over time and with some limitations he'll be good as new. I guess Cole will be the one that's going to be limiting himself. I cannot believe how strong this little guy is...he just goes, goes, goes. Broken bone, what broken bone? I just hope he can forgive his parents for being so dumb.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Can You Guess What This Is?

(Disclaimer: I know this isn't the greatest picture.) So any guesses out there what this is? Some might say that it's just a tarnished penny. WRONG!!! It's called: a three year old in time out, a penny, a night light, and a light socket.

Jace was in time out today and I told him he could come out but he decided to stay in his room for a little while longer. I then went to get Cole dressed and while doing so Jace came into Cole's room and told me that he needed some more money because his "popped." I told him that Dad already gave him money this morning and he didn't need any more. He then told me that it popped and he wanted to show me what he meant. So after getting Cole dressed, I went into Jace's room and he said, "See, look," as he pointed to his night light that is plugged into his wall. There was black stuff spewing out of the light socket behind the night light and I looked closer and there was his penny stuffed between the light and the plug. And of course... he blew the circuit. We then had a good discussion about the importance of not playing with plugs and sticking things in them. Holy Moly - what am I to do with these children?! At least I'm never bored! (And...if you look closely you can see where the two prongs from the night light burned the penny.)

Monday, June 9, 2008

The Love of Reading

Okay. So I've been reading quite a bit lately and I am loving it. I will start a book after the boys go down one night and I kind of have to finish it the next morning. I'm addicted to reading. I'm always one who will read a book if it is recommended to me. I love a "clean" and good book. So... I thought I would post on my sidebar a list of books that I have read (and liked) and maybe it will help some of you out there with your book choices. I love to read, and if anyone out there has read a good book, let me know.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Cute and Mischievous

Cole is SOOOOO opposite of Jace and it is fun to see the differences that they have. Cole is such a busy body, whirlwind, goer, goer, goer. He is always into something: toilet paper, toilets, cupboards, drawers, dishwasher, etc. He has the greatest time "pulling out" anything and making noise with whatever he finds. So here are a couple of pictures of Cole at what he does best: being mischievous. (The two pictures of him playing in the stove were on 2 seperate occasions today!)

Monday, June 2, 2008

3 Year Olds!!!

I have to concur with my cousin Kristin, I can't do three year olds! Can we just skip to year 4 please?!!! Jace is happy and laughing and making me feel like the greatest mom and then the next second he's screaming and crying and throwing a huge tantrum. Example: we went upstairs this morning to get him dressed and we were in the process and one little thing threw him off and he freaked!! He stripped his clothes off (TWICE) and laid on his floor completely naked for over an hour. I kept checking on him, we had a good chat, I thought things would be good but he still just absolutely refused to get dressed. FOR OVER AN HOUR!!! Is there some pill that they can prescibe for the third year of their life to get rid of these dramatic mood swings and outbursts? Sign me up, doc.