Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Five Years Old? Already?

I'm having a hard time comprehending that I now have a child that is five years old. Five is big milestone for my little man to hit and I'm not sure I like it. It is so sad to look at past pictures and see how cute and little he was and realize that time has gone so fast. He even looks so much older. Yesterday I registered him for kindergarten and I was having some anxiety. My heart was panicking and it didn't want to send my little boy off to meet the big, bad ugly world. Can't I just keep him in the nice, naive little bubble I've been growing him in forever?

On his actual birthday he went to preschool and then after we celebrated with his cousins at Pirate Island. It is basically a pirate themed Chucky Cheese. It's a cute place and the kids loved it and had a great time. Then we came home and relaxed and Jace got his birthday wish of playing Star Wars Lego with his dad. For his birthday dinner he chose sweet and sour chicken and fried rice. It must be his favorite because I have never seen that boy finish his dinner so fast. Dinner time was a refreshing change.

On Saturday, 20th, we celebrated his birthday with his very first friend party. Any guesses what the theme was? Star Wars, of course! He had 3 friends and two cousins come and it was quite the party.

We started the party off with homemade pizza and breadsticks.

Next we jumped into the games and played Pin the Ears on Yoda

We broke a Darth Vader pinata with light sabers. The darn thing broke on the second kid who gave it the first good whack! Ah well, the kids only care about the candy anyway.

We then moved on to Jedi training with their own light sabers. The light sabers were made out of foam pipe insulators wrapped in colored duct tape.

Next was a few rounds of "Master says..." (Simon says)

We then ended to party with Yoda cake and Jace's favorite, mint chocolate chip ice cream.

I wish I would have done these light saber cupcakes for the party instead of the Yoda cake. I made these for the Sunday birthday dinner at my parents. These cupcakes turned out much cuter.

Just to conclude, here are some facts about Jace as he has turned five.
favorite color: blue
favorite food: pizza and mint chocolate ice cream
favorite book: Peter Pan
things he likes to do: play the wii, play with friends, color,
his friends are: Evan, Pierce, Austin, Rusty
Star Wars is his obsession right now and he is really enjoying learning how to read

Jace, we love you so much and enjoy your zest for life and the humor you bring to our family!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Memorable Missionary Moments

Tonight we had the opportunity to have the missionaries over for dinner. I wondered how the boys would do having the missionaries here and how they would behave. Well, they didn't disappoint. Here are a few of the night's moments.

  • When the missionaries arrived the boys decided to "show off" and they started running around the house playing their various games. They ran over to the kitchen and in unison put their hands out and then threw them into the air as they yelled, "Power Rangers to the RESCUE!" (The missionaries were impressed with their impromptu unity.)
  • Cole introduced himself as Baby Jaguar (from Go Diego, Go), then he reintroduced himself as Anakin, and then again introduced himself as Darth Vader. Awesome.
  • Cole had to go potty during dinner (he is officially potty trained, YIPEE!) and when he was done he came running out of the bathroom leaving his pants in the bathroom and waving his underwear in the air. Double Awesome.
  • Jace was pretending to be shy, but when he did decide to talk the only thing Jace would talk about was Star Wars and he decided to quiz the Elders on their Star Wars knowledge. Good thing both of them actually like Star Wars and actually knew what he was talking about.
  • And finally....both of Elders were Hispanic and Cole said to Bryan, "Dad, I want the Black Guy and the Brown Guy to stay forever."

So there you have it. You couldn't ask for a more spiritual night with the missionaries in our home.