Wednesday, April 8, 2009

You've Got a Friend in Me

The other day as the boys were watching Toy Story 2, I realized that I have my own Buzz and Woody.

These two boys are the best of friends and adore one another, and it's been that way since the moment they met. When Jace first met Cole after he was born, a nurse came in to take Cole back to the nursery for some tests, and Jace chased her down the hall screaming and crying, "That's my brother!! Give me back my brother!!"

Jace sincerely loves his little brother and always tells Cole, "You're the bestest pal." Cole idolizes Jace and mimics him in everything.

They are always together laughing, chasing, make believing and playing.

I realized how truly blessed I am to have two boys right together that love each other so much and get along so well. I know that always isn't the case for everyone. I hope and pray that they will continue to grow closer and always be the best of friends.