Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It's Great to be One!!

Cole, my real baby, turned 1 yesterday!!! I cannot believe how fast time flies. It seems like he was just barely born, but yet it also feels that he has just been part of our family forever. He is absolutely adorable, lovey, and so fun to be around. He is just so chill and just does his own thing - I love it! We're so lucky to have him in our family and Cole we love you!!!!

So yesterday we threw a birthday BUG party for him. The weather was gorgeous and so it allowed us to have the party outside which I am SOOO grateful for. I had so much fun planning this party - incorporating different little bug ideas into it. We had dinner (with ants on a log), the kids and some adults made bug antennas that they wore, we played pin the dots on the butterfly, decorated with "bug" balloons, and had dirt cups for dessert while Cole ate his caterpillar cake. I'm so glad that Cole actually ate his cake after all of the time and energy that went into it. (Jace wouldn't even TOUCH his cake when he turned one - he didn't want to get his hands dirty!) He got very spoiled and received some great gifts. Two little cars to ride on were a huge hit by all of the kids, they couldn't get enough of them. (There's a picture of Cole and Jace enjoying them outside today.)

I am so grateful and appreciative to all of our family who came and helped bring food and just socialize. It was a lot to ask of them, especially since they were here just over a week ago for Bryan's party! I love all of you guys!! Needless to say, I think I'm all partied out for a while. They are fun to plan - but they take a lot out of ya!

Friday, April 25, 2008

1, 2, 3 Strikes Don't Fight

Jace just started playing tee-ball on a rec league with 3 & 4 year olds. I think I signed him up purely for selfish reasons - entertainment value! He has had two games so far and it really is complete chaos. There are like 8 adults on the field plus the eight players, little kids running all over dog piling on the ball, kids chasing after their own ball after they hit it (yes, that would be Jace), and we can't forget our best friend's crazy dad in the middle of the field taking pictures with his HUGE tripod. Comedy people, comedy.
So Jace had a game on Tuesday night and things went a little bit better than his first game. Well, Jace was on third base headed for home and on his way he was pushed by a boy on the other team - accident or not I don't know. Oh, but don't you worry, Jace just thought it was absolutely necessary to defend himself. I was standing in the dugout and all of a sudden he jumps into a stance facing the perp and cocks his fist back. He was seriously getting ready to fight the little kid - if he was assaulted again! I ran out on the field spun him around and helped him make his way to home plate. I started laughing so hard I had tears streaming down my face! Some of the parents (if they saw it) were probably appalled that I was laughing at the fact that my little three year old was ready to take a swing at another little kid. But... I couldn't help it. I seriously wish that I had it on video! The night was hysterical!
(And Travis, thanks for the baseball pants, they just add to the cute factor!!!)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Turning 30 and Reliving the 80's!

First off, Bryan just turned 30 on Sunday!! Poor guy is gettin' old! (Pretty soon I'm gonna be right there with him.) On Saturday, I threw a surprise birthday party for him and it was with an 80's theme! It was HILARIOUS!! I had everyone dress up in an 80's costume and we had 80's food and entertainment. It really worked out that Bryan was gone all last week because it allowed me to plan for the party a lot easier without him here - escpecially since I am such a HORRIBLE liar and can't keep anything from him; so having him gone was much easier than having to face him every day and lie to him! Saturday night we dropped our kids off at our friends' house and then went to dinner. I had to come up with a way to get him back home without the kids - so we went home with him thinking he was gonna "get lucky." :) When we showed up everyone was there in costume to surprise him.
The outfits were hysterical and everyone was such a good sport! Our house was packed with neon colors, tight pegged pants, fanny packs, jelly bracelets, leggings, leg warmers, and so much more! We had 80's food such as fondue, bongo bars, Pop Rocks, Sixlets, Mike & Ikes, a Rubix Cube cake, and totally rad 80's prizes. For games there was 80's karaoke, we did an 80's TV show theme-song trivia, and 80's Catch Phrase. I can't thank everyone enough for coming, dressing up, and especially for all of the help. Bryan was surprised and it was a hit!! I hope you all enjoy the pictures! (For some reason, it wouldn't let me upload the pics so I had to do a slide show again, sorry!)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Single Mom

This week I will be a single mother. Bryan is starting a new job tomorrow and tonight he flies out to California for training. He won't get back into town until midnight Friday. I am a little scared and nervous about this week. There are some days that Bryan is gone from about 9:00 am to 9:00 pm with maybe an hour home in between those times, and I have to admit, those days are tough! But a week???? I am worried that the boys are going to be so sick of me and that things could get a little ugly. I'm sure many tantrums will take place - yeah for me! Anyway, I just give A LOT of props to all of those single mothers out there that do it 24/7. AND, I don't even have to worry about working, I'm just staying home. I honestly don't know how mom's do it. It's a tough job - I'm not gonna lie. I'm sure there will be some comedy this coming week (and some tears). Wish me luck, and to all of you other mothers out there, GOD BLESS!

(Just a side note: Bryan is working for a company called PGP. He will be selling encryption software. It's a great job with BENEFITS [HOORAY!!], a great company and some security with this crazy economy. He will still be doing real estate part time. So all of you looking for a home or know someone who is, he is still available!)

Monday, April 7, 2008

Scripture Idol

Jace has a new idol....Nephi! Jace loves to learn about Nephi, he knows the "Nephi's Courage" song, and we always have to read about Nephi and the Brass Plates in his BOM Reader. Well, a couple of days ago I was doing my hair and he got into one of my drawers and pulled out a stretchy headband and put it on. All of a sudden he shouted, "Hey, Nephi has one of these!" (Thank you Living Scriptures!) So now he'll pull out the headband and put it on and pretend to be Nephi. At times he won't even answer you unless you call him Nephi. Yesterday we were riding in the car and we were reviewing the sounds of the alphabet (and he had the headband on) and when we finished, I said, "Good Job!" I then heard him mumble under his breath, "Nephi." "Good job, Nephi!" I corrected myself. It's amazing the things that kids retain and get attached to . So I guess if I start talking about Nephi in the future, I'm really refering to Jace.