Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial- Schmorial Day

What a lousy Memorial Day - weather wise. We had our annual Memorial Day Turner Family Reunion and I have to say - not so fun. Jace and I went and left Bryan and Cole home. Cole was sick with a croupy cold and so I told Bry to stay home with him. (Yeah, I'm sure he was totally bummed about that!) So we went and it poured the ENTIRE time. My whole family was under a pavilion huddled in blankets trying to stay warm. Needless to say, it didn't last as long as usual. So we left the rain soaked park and pavilion and went to my mom and dad's house and hung out. My grandparents, some cousins, and aunts came over and we just hung out and talked -which was fun, until Jace had a catastrophic meltdown which my whole family witnessed! (I think they were a little shocked at how our sweet, funny little Jace can act.) Anyway....good times.
What ever happened to those warm Memorial Days where you would get your first sunburn of the season? I am so SICK of this weather going from 80 degrees to 60 then to 90 then back down to 50! BLAH! Well, it was still nice to have a day off and spend time together as a family. That is the most important thing, right?
By the way, has anyone out there ever taught Gospel Doctrine before? I just got a new calling on Sunday - yes, folks, Gospel Doctrine. I looked over my lesson for Sunday and I feel helpless and don't even know where to start. Sooooo, if anyone has every taught it and has any pointers, PLEASE let me know.

Monday, May 19, 2008


Yesterday morning, the whirlwind child of mine, Cole, received his first black eye (I KNOW this won't be his last, either). He was in Jace's room playing while I was in the bathroom and apparently he pulled something off of Jace's bookshelf and knocked himself in the eye. We couldn't believe how fast it swelled and turned red.

And....this one's for my extended family. Often times Jace pulls his pants all the way up - practically up to his armpits. If you ask him what he's doing, he'll tell you he's "being Papa Elmo." So I hope you all enjoy this picture of Jace with his pants on Papa Elmo Style!

Thank you, Uncle Bucko

Okay, so Uncle Bucko is my cousin, Jared; it's just something that Jace calls him. When Jared comes into town, he and Jace are the best of buds. Well, last summer Jared gave Jace some swim wear and accessories. Jace has just rediscovered the goggles that Jared gave him. I have to say, he has found many uses for these lovely, blue goggles. So here's just a little thank you, Uncle Bucko, and some pictures to show you the many different ways Jace has found to use them!
Aviator goggles

Breakfast goggles(?)

Bathing goggles - so water doesn't get in your eyes, I was told

And...for their intended purpose....SWIM GOGGLES!!

Two Fun and Busy Weeks

Bryan keeps asking me, "When are you going to update the blog?" So here goes. It's been a couple of really busy and fun weeks. The boys have been spoiled with lots of fun activities. We've been able to go out with a bunch of different friends and have loads of fun. Two weeks ago we did 3 really big days in a row and I think the boys were absolutely loving it!
We went to the Park City outlets with our friends, Syndi, Jake, and Cole. Boy, was that an adventure hauling two boys around into all of the different stores. They were really good though. The next day we went to the zoo with their cousins, Crew and Croft, Grandma Pam, and their great-aunts Paula and Michelle. It was such a beautiful day! They had so much fun and they were able to see a bunch of the animals up close. What a concept to go to the zoo when it's not over 100 degrees outside!!! It makes it so much more enjoyable when the weather is nice.

The next day we had some friends call and invite us to Jungle Jim's Playland. That was a blast!! The boys loved riding on all of the little carnival type rides! I was surprised that Cole loved them so much - he is so much different than Jace is - especially at that age. Thanks, Janica for inviting us!

This last Saturday Jace had his last T-ball game! Jace had such a good time playing T-ball, especially with his best friend, Evan. After the game we went with our good friends Phil and Alaina and their boys and went swimming. Cole is such a little fish and just laughed and smiled the entire time in the pool. Jace is so funny - he forgets how much he likes swimming from the previous summer. It took him about 30 minutes to quit freaking out and realize that he actually LOVES to swim. We had such a good time. Thanks so much Margetts, we love hanging out with you guys!

Things are just crazy, crazy with family in town, activities, church, and so much more. Lately I have been thinking about how grateful I am for friends. They just make life so much more fun and interesting! Thank you to all of our friends (and family) who show us so much love and good times!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Two Jaceisms - just seconds ago

Okay so this literally happened minutes ago - I'm actually typing this outside because it was so hilarious and the boys don't want to come in yet. Cole got a big, red wagon for his birthday. We are outside and I was working in the flower beds and the boys are in the wagon. All of a sudden I hear Jace say to Cole, "Let's talk for a while, buddy. When I was a little kid, I went over to Trevor's house...." and goes into this long story. The second thing is the greatest...I swear a minute later I looked over at the boys and Jace is standing up with his hands on top of Coles's head and he says, "Cole Turner Erickson, (pause) Amen." "What are you doing?" I asked. "Giving Cole a blessing." Okay, so I knew what he was doing, but I just had to ask. Then he comes over to me as I am bending over the flowers and says, "Mom, I want to tell you something. When I was a little kid..." (and repeats the story). Then he puts his hands on my head and asked, "Who are you?" Dang, I wish someone was here to laugh with me.

Dinner Time......aaargh!

Who ever said that dinner time was fun?! Last night as I was getting dinner ready, Cole decided to "help." As you can see, he is a typical male in the kitchen - he's makes a bigger mess than he does help! Just teasin'. :) (I know Bryan's gonna use that comment against me). It's cute to see him have so much fun in the kitchen cabinets. Seriously though, dinner time can be kinda hard. Trying to step around all the bowls, cookie sheets, etc. to get dinner ready before someone has to dash off to some appointment is tough. Not to mention the fact that it takes AT LEAST 45 minutes to get Jace to finish his dinner. Breakfast and lunch, a breeze. Dinner, not so much. Isn't dinner supposed to be peaceful and ejoyable where you talk about your day and are not always saying, "Come on, Jace...1,2,3 Bite. Okay, take another bite please."? Oh well, I guess we just keep it up and one day it will be that beautiful picture of a happy family sitting around the table talking and laughing enjoying one another's company, right? ....Hopefully....