Monday, August 8, 2011

Do I Really Have To?

Some days I wonder, "Do I really have to be a mom today?"

It might be because of a sick, whiny child.

It might be because of a child who is grounded because of their fits and disobedience. And then while they are grounded they whine and boob that they are so bored and they have nothing to do that I am then tempted to unground them because their punishment is a greater punishment to me.

It might be because I'm feeling overwhelmed by all of my mom responsibilities of the day.

It might be because I'm just plain tired.

It might be because I've already heard my name said over a thousand times and it's not even noon yet.

It might be because after I clean up one room and move to the next, the first room is already destroyed again.

And it just might be because it ALL happens in the same day.


The Turners said...

I feel the same way and I only have 1!! I'm worried what I'll be like once this next one comes along. Hang in there! You are awesome!!

Laura said...

On days you feel like me and I'll come play mom. I need all the practice I can get!

Kristin said...

amen sista!

Hafen Crew said...

Well said!

Luke and Kellie said...

Totally agree! Especially with "already heard my name said over a thousand times and it's not even noon yet." Now that I have 2 that can say "mom" it is no longer cute!

The Ceder House's said...

Ditto. I say "just a MINUTE!" about every five seconds over here. No idea how you do two more than me- yikes!

Jodie said...

Oh yes, this is my life! I'm glad I'm not the only one who grounds already. Sheesh! And Laura, can I call you to come over?? :)