Wednesday, August 18, 2010

18 Months of Perks

I may come to regret this post, but I've decided to be honest about life and how it plays out; so here it goes.

I have had the privilege of enjoying some benefits for the last 18 months since the time that I became pregnant with Lily until I finished nursing. I didn't quit nursing by choice, it just so happened that the milk producing department of my body put up the OUT OF ORDER sign.

Since this has happened, it has caused me to reflect on what I've enjoyed over the past year and a half. I know that pregnancy and nursing have a very long list of miserable qualities; however, they also have their own "perks".

When I was pregnant with Lily, Bryan once asked me this question (and while we were in the company of his brother), "Ashlee, do you know what my favorite part about pregnancy is? Pregnancy boobs."

Yes Dear, you are correct. It's the best part for me too.

You see, when my older sister stood in the "Bosom Line" up in heaven, she took her fair share of the amount allotted and then she decided to be greedy and take my amount as well. Nuff said.

So as you can see, pregnancy and nursing end up being a blessing to me in the bosom department. Many women hate the added blessing. Well, not me. I'll take all I can get, thanks.

A couple of other perks relate to Sundays. Two words: FAST SUNDAY. Yep, it's back to fasting full time. Is it bad to say that I didn't miss it? This also means a full three hour block of church. I always was able to cut Sunday school short because Lily was on such a set schedule that feeding time always fell then.

Wow, church sure has gotten a lot longer.

And finally, on one of the greatest perks it brings is the long separation of a certain relative. Yep, that one annoying aunt that brings her presence around once a month. You know that's an aunt that I don't get excited to see at the monthly family reunion. She's the one you run and hide from for as long as possible. She's the one that forces you to pack on a couple of pounds while she's around and you're crabby and not your self until she leaves.

I'd get pregnant tomorrow just to not see her ugly face again.


I miss the perks.

Especially the perky ones.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Maybe I need to get this little girl a doll to play with.......

Sunday, August 8, 2010

I Swear

Sometimes motherhood just makes me want to swear - you know, REALLY swear. As much as I refrain from actually saying those colorful words, I must say things can run rampant in my head. (Do I get extra points for not actually letting them loose?)

There's the good swear: "You are so ******** cute!"

And the not so good swear: "You little ******* you gave your baby sister a black eye?!!?!!"

And of course there are many more 'not-so-good-swears' that I just won't mention when it comes to the whining, fighting, tantrums, hour-long-dinner-eating-sessions, etc., etc. Now I know why my mom would just let them loose sometimes when I was growing up - it's just part of being a mom.